Salon Experience
The Hair Color Consultation...complimentary

The first step in any successful hair color is the consultation. It is essential that the stylist and client connect. They must both agree on the look you wish to achieve. We always recommend bringing in photos to help ensure that both the client and stylist understand the desired result. Our consultations are 100% free and without obligation. Stop in and have a chat to discuss your vision and see if you feel comfortable with your chosen stylist. After your consultation, if you would prefer another stylist, we won't be offended...just let us know and we will find you the perfect fit.

Which Hair Color Brand?

At NUVO, we chose Redken as our color partner.  Redken offers a wide range of color options that deliver vibrant, shiny results.  Unlike many other salons, we carry every single color  that Redken produces and we have full stock at all times... ensuring that we never have to compromise on your hair color.  Whether you want to take a few years off by blending away gray, or you're looking for a fabulous new look, we use our expertise to mix the existing range of Redken colors into millions of unique colors...just for you! 
Single process  85                                                   
Foils  70-130                             
Balayage  by consultation                                              

ll prices shown are starting prices. Prices may vary depending on length of time needed for service and amount of product used.
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